Monday 4th - Sunday 10th December 2017

Monday 4th December 


A) Strength 

5 x 2 Strict Press
5 x 2 Push Press
- Same weight across sets

B) Conditioning 

20min AMREP's
Complete as much as possible in 20mins

10 Push Press    50/35kg
10 KB swing    24/16kg
10 Box Jumps 24/20'
20 Push Press
20 KB swing     24/16kg
20 Box Jumps 24/20'

- Reps always increase by 10 each round

Tuesday 5th December

A) Strength 

10min EMOM
5 Front Squats (from floor)
- Work at around 70% of 1RM

B) Conditioning

For Time:
2,000m Run/Row/Ski
50 Wall Balls    9/6kg
1,000m Run/Row/Ski
35 Wall Balls     9/6kg
500m Run/Row/Ski
20 Wall Balls     9/6kg

- Use same piece of kit throughout workout

Wednesday 6th December

A) Gymnastic Progressions

12min EMOM
6mins - 30secs AMREP pull ups
6mins - 30secs AMREP T2B

B) Conditioning

For Time:
80 Deadlifts        
60 Hang Cleans

EMOM throughout the workout (alternating minutes)
Min 1 - 5 Pull ups
Min 2 - 5 T2B

Bar weight

RX - 70/50kg
S1 - 60/40kg
S2 - 50/35kg
S3 - 40/30kg

Thursday 7th December 

A) Split Jerk Tekkers 

10min to find heaviest 2 Rep split jerk (from rack)
8min EMOM
2 Split Jerks (from floor) at 80%

B) Score is total weight

15-12-9-6-3 Clean and Jerk (each set must be touch n go)
Rest as needed between sets

- Can change bar weight throughout workout

C)    Conditioning

3 Rounds for time
200m sprint
10 burpee over bar 

Friday 8th December

Team WOD
In teams of 2 

10min AMRAP - Alternating Rounds
10 DB snatch 22.5/kg
10 Press ups
10 Sit ups

Rest 3mins

10min AMRAP - Split as needed
30 OH DB lunge 22.5/15kg
30 KB swing 24/16kg
30 DB Thruster 22.5/15kg
30 KB single arm switch 24/16kg

Rest 3mins

2,000m row for time
(Split as 2 x 1000m's) 

Saturday 9th December 

A) Strength

5 x 5 Bench press
- Same weight across sets

B) Conditioning

10 - 1 Burpee Pull ups
1 - 10 HSPU

20 DU's after each set (scale 2:1)

Sunday 10th December 

- Gym Closed