W/C 29th October 2018

Monday 29th October

A) 10min alternating EMOM 50/35kg
1- 8 Right Leg Bulgarian split squat
2- 8 Left Leg Bulgarian split squat

B) 10 rounds going 1min on / 1min off

4 Deadlifts

3 power cleans

2 Hang Squat Clean


AMREP burpee over bar
- score is total number of burpees

Tuesday 30th October

A) 10min to build to heavy complex

1 Squat Clean

1 Hang Squat Clean

B) WOD 4 rounds for time

15 squat cleans 42.5/30kg

800m run (1 lap version)

(30min time cap)

Wednesday 31st October

A) 3 sets for max reps

Max unbroken STOH (80% of BW)

Rest 15s

Max unbroken DU’s

Rest 3min

B) 24min EMOM

1. Box jumps 24/20

2. STOH 42.5/30kg

3. Press ups

4. Hang Cleans 42.5/30kg

5. Wall Balls 9/6kg
6. Rest

RX+ 20reps per movement
RX 17reps per movement
S 14 reps per movement
S1 11 reps per movement

Thursday 1st November

A) E2MOM for 18mins

1- 10 strict pull up
2- accumulate 45s handstand hold
3- accumulate 45s L sit hold (rig or parallettes)

B) 30-20-10

  • Thruster 42.5/30kg

  • T2B

  • Bar facing burpee over bar
    (20min time cap)

Friday 2nd November

In teams of 2...

10 alternating rounds of ‘cindy’

  • 5 pull ups

  • 10 press ups

  • 15 air squats


100 worm thrusters 60/40kg

20-30 mins

10 alternating rounds of ‘Mary’

  • 5 HSPU

  • 10 pistol squats

  • 15 pull ups

On 30mins in your team
AFAP complete the number of reps your team has uncompleted across the 3 workouts as sync down ups

- score is time for down ups RX/s

Saturday 3rd November

A) Back Squat
5 rounds of max unbroken reps @ BW
In between set 20 walking lunges active recovery

B) 5 rounds for time

18 OH DB alt leg lunge 22.5/15kg

27 DU’s

Sunday 4th November

Endurance WOD
For total reps
4mins DB burpee box step over (2x22.5/2x15kg)
2mins rest
4mins Cal Row
2mins rest
4mins wall walks
2mins rest
4mins strict pull ups
2mins rest
4mins rope climbs
2min rest
4mins KB snatch 24/16kg (not from floor)
2min rest
4mins 20m shuttle laps (mark outside)
2min rest

Score is total reps