W/C 27th May 2019



With an engine to rival the best “Hart” will test even the most seasoned exerciser.  Couple that with his (semi) graceful gymnastic ability and you’re left with a workout that's going to have half the gym clapping their hands with joy and leave the other half with their heads in their hands.  A workout that is “Hart“ by name and heart by nature!

Part A - 

8 Min EMOM

6 HSPU (If proficient attempt DEFICIT HSPU)

Part B - 

30 Min AMRAP

1 Lap Run

21 Box Jump Overs 24”/20”

15 Press Ups

9 T2B



Not only the bicep envy of the whole gym but also a great all round competitor with relentless determination and an ability to suffer through the worst workouts and keep the pace high all the way through.  With Lang you know you’re going to have to do one thing...work!

Part A -

5 Supersets W/ 2 min Rest

15 Barbell Curls

10 DB Hammer Curls

10 Close Grip Push Ups

Part B - 

20 Minute Ladder (Up in 5’s)

5 Burpees

5 Alt DB Snatch 22.5/15

5 Plate Sit Up 15/10



A relentless hard worker who can suffer through (almost) anything!  And with a skill set that puts her up there with some of the top competitors around and a solid base in all aspects of fitness.  “Moor” was always going to be a tough test.  With elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, strength and cardio.  Buckle up because it’s going to get tough! 

Part A - 

In a 12 min Window build to a heavy Single Overhead Squat (From Rack)

Part B - 

8 Rounds

400 m Ski/Bike/Row/Run


15 Front Squats 60/40

*After 4th round spend 5 Mins establishing a 1RM Squat Clean then begin Rounds 4 - 8

Coach Notes

3 Scores on board.  OHS, Time and Squat Clean



The powerhouse and “Big Rig” of the old guard.  Power is key for this lad and a having to “Dig Deep” in a workout is something that he enjoys and wants everyone in the gym to experience too.  With a love of (nearly) all things barbell expect to be under one for a long time during this workout!  Think happy thoughts and get this one DONE!

Part A -

In a 12 Min Window Build to a heavy;

3 STOH (From Floor)

Part B -

3 x 8 Min AMRAP W/ 2 min Rest

15 Cal Ski/Bike/Row


9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Deadlift

To “Rx” Males weights are R1 60, R2 70, R3 80

To “Rx” Females weights are R1 40, R2 50, R3 60


Team WOD


The newest member to team EDfit.  ‘Ness’ has taken to coaching at EDfit like a duck to water.  Amazing attitude, top class coach and an awesome athlete to boot we welcome Ness with open arms and to celebrate her arrival we’re doing this one as a team!  Grab a friend and get stuck in.

40 Min AMRAP (In Pairs)

2700m Ski/Bike/Row

27 Front Squats 42.5/30

20 Sync Bar Facing Burpees

2100ml Ski/Bike/Row

21 Push Press 42.5/30

20 Sync Pull Ups

1500ml Ski/Bike/Row

15 Thrusters 42.5/30

20 Sync Press Ups

900ml Ski/Bike/Row

9 Overhead Squats 42.5/30

20 Sync Air Squats

Coach Notes

Split all work as needed unless stated.  Double distance for bike.



Part of the new breed of EDfit coaches he has a gymnastic ability to rival some of the best in the game.  Couple this with flawless weightlifting form and yopu’ve got an athlete with serious potential to do damage on the competition floor.  Expect to be challenged both gymnastically and on the weightlifting front with this one.  Grip it and rip it!! 

Part A -

8 Min EMOM

4 T2B (Kipping) + 3 Strict Pull Ups

Part B -

For Time;

45 Wall Balls 9/6

90 Double Unders

35 Burpee Box Jumps 24”/20”

70 Double Unders

25 Power Snatch 50/35

50 Double Unders

12 BMU

25 Double Unders



Coach/Receptionist/Cleaner/Mam  There is nothing this woman can’t do!  Always on hand to help with anything that needs sorting and always ready to jump onto the competition floor.  With progress in ALL aspects of her fitness, she is a force to be reckoned with!  Just like this workout don’t underestimate her!

40 Minute AMRAP

30 Back Rack Lunges 30/25

30 Plate GTOH 20/15

30 Power Cleans 30/25

400m Run