W/C Monday 6th May 2019

Monday 6th

In teams of 2
20 alternating rounds for total reps 

30s T2B
30s Deadlift 100/70kg
30s burpee over bar 
30s HSPU 

Tuesday 7th 

A) 4 rounds for quality - rest as needed between rounds 
20 single arm KB Deadlift (10/10)
20 KB bent over row (10/10)
10 strict pull ups 

B) for time 
100 wall balls 9/6kg
75 cal 
50 burpee box jump 30/24
- every 2mins complete 1 round of cindy 

Wednesday 8th 

A) in 8min find heaviest complex
3 hang clean 

In 8min find heaviest complex
2 hang clean 

In 8min find heaviest complex 
1 hang clean
- add all 3 totals together for total score

B) 12min amrap 
10 hang clean and press 50/35kg 
30 Russian KB swing 32/24kg
50 DU’s

Thursday 9th 
A) 3 rounds for quality 
60s dead hang from rig 
100m farmers walk Male 2x15 female 2x10kg plate 

B) for time 
100 DB snatch 22.5/15kg 
75 cal 
50 GTOH 65/45kg 
- every 3min complete 1 round of Mary 

Friday 10th May 

In teams of 2 
2000m row/ski buy in 
10 alternating round 
8 power cleans 
8 front squats 
Into split as needed 
100 box jumps 24/20
50 sync air squat 
100 press ups 
50 sync burpee over bar 
100 T2B 

Saturday 11th 

A) 1 lift every 90s for 15mins 
2 hang snatch from below knee 
1 Snatch 

B) going every 7mins for 28mins (4 sets)
10 alt arm DB snatch 
200m run 
20 KB snatch 24/16kg 
200m run 
- score is slowest round 

Sunday 12th 

50min clock 
0-10min 2k row 
10-20min 1mile run 
20-30min 100 burpees 
30-40min 1mile run
40-50min 2k ski 

Aim is compete each section within timeframe. If unable scale to...

50min clock 
0-10min 1500m row 
10-20min 1200m run 
20-30min 75 burpees 
30-40min 1200m run
40-50min 1500m ski