W/C 22nd July 2019

Monday 2nd July

A) every 2min for 16min

1 Push Jerk into 1 Split Jerk

(From rack)

B) For time:

1 lap run

40 wall balls

1 lap run

30 wall balls

1 lap run

20 wall balls

1 lap run

10 wall balls

Tuesday 3rd July

A) Skill development

every 3min for 18mins

Station 1 - Max rope climbs

Station 2 - Max ring muscle ups

Station 3 - Max OHS 42.5/30kg

B) For time

30 reps of...

1 Deadlift

1 Squat Clean

1 Front Squat

1 Push Press

1 Push Jerk

RX+ 80/60kg

RX 70/50kg

S1 60/40kg

S2 50/35kg

S3 scale as needed

Wednesday 4th July

A) Going every 2mins for 16mins

3 Hang Clean

6 Front Rack Lunge

- Build weight by feel

B) 8min AMRAP

8 T2B

10 Hang Clean 60/40kg

12 cal row

Rest 2min

8min AMRAP

8 C2B

10 Lunge (any rack) 60/40kg

12 cal ski/bike

Thursday 5th July

A) Rolling clock

0-6min find 6RM Front Squat

6-12min find 3RM Front Squat

12-18min find 1RM Front Squat

B) 3min AMRAP

10 Russian KB swing 32/24kg

20 press ups

30 DU’s

Rest 2min between intervals

Repeat x 3

- pick up next AMRAP from where left off

- Aim to not rest at all during 3mins

Friday 6th July

Teams of 2


‘Hotshots 19’

6 rounds for time

30 air squat

19 power clean 60/42.5kg

7 strict pull up

Run 400m

- split all work as needed / both partners run together

- Score is time (or reps if time capped)


You go / I go

1min intervals

200m run

AMREP Down ups

- score is total Down ups


Both partners find combined 1RM power clean

- Score is weight

Saturday 7th July

A) EMOM until failure

1 Hang Squat Clean

1 Hang Clean and Press

5 burpee over bar

- add 1 burpee each minute that passes

- Bar weight 70% of 1RM clean and Jerk

B) For time


Hang squat clean 60/40kg

Bar facing burpees

Straight into


Hang clean and press 60/40kg

Bar facing burpees

Sunday 8th July

In teams of 2

200 cal row/ski

50 power snatch 50/35kg


35 Power snatch 50/35kg


20 Power snatch 50/35kg


200 cal row/ski